#RPGChat Archive, 2 August 2012: Gencon Tips

#RPGChat Archive, 2 August 2012: Gencon Tips

Aug 02
#RPGChat Archive, 2 August 2012: Gencon Tips

The topic for the RPGchat on 8-2-12 was Tips for improving your GenCon experience.

Wondering what RPGchat is? Allow us to explain. Interested in participating? Join us next week on twitter. Just look for the #rpgchat hashtag, and share your thoughts when you’re ready!

Tweets of Note:

We are talking about #GenCon during the 9pm ET #RPGchat. Rumor has it I’m giving away a couple of fun thingamabobs to a few lucky chatters!

Designer Ryan Macklin has some tips on his blog about drinking and the con:

@d20Blonde We’re sharing advice on doing #GenCon, right? Here’s my bit about alcohol at cons:http://ryanmacklin.com/2011/07/bringing-alcohol-to-conventions/#RPGChat

some tips on packing:

#RPGchat I pack enough clothes for each day +extra undies. Toiletries, portable snacks, and only what game books I absolutely

Not started packing. #1 packing criteria for me: leave room for stuff to bring back on the return trip. #rpgchat

@CaesarSlaad we usually bring at least one empty suitcase.#rpgchat

I pack Granola bars, Water bottles, the bare minimum in games and a few Canadian Candy bars to entice American gamers. #RPGchat

Snacks are very helpful to pack. Sometimes you just don’t have time to stop for lunch. #rpgchat

Bring your camera charger/extra batteries. #RPGchat

many people chimed in with taking hand sanitiser, helpful to avoid concrud:

Bring hand sanitizer, minimize hand-shaking #rpgchat #gencon

Do not forget any medications!:

If you take Lexapro or anxiety meds, DO NOT FORGET THEM.

In the vein of the Wheaton DBAD rule:

If you keep a surplus of patience, bring all of it. There is a chance it will be tested once or twice at a con. Be cool. #rpgchat

The dealer hall is crowded with narrow aisles. Don’t stop for pictures or to chat. Do that outside. #gencon #rpgchat

#RPGchat Try to be careful & courteous around people in wheelchairs. We have a hard enough time getting around.

Also, remember everyone is there for their own reasons and own fun. Don’t make fun of anyone, ever. That’s being a dick. #RPGchat

Some money saving advice:

This is good real advice. RT @FELTit: have a budget and stick to it as closely as you can #rpgchat #Gen_Con #rpgchat

If you head to the mall food court, however, you can usually get good food for cheap at Maki of Japan. #RPGchat

Sunday is a great day to shop around, as exhibitors lower prices on stuff they don’t want to pack up… #rpgchat

The Green Line bus is a great way to get from the airport to your hotel in downtown Indy on the cheap! #RPGchat

My #GenCon tip: Keep your spending money separate from your food money.
Always keep a $50 seperate from the rest of your money – if your wallet gets stolen, at least you’re not completely destitute

General tips:

If you are highly tech dependent, consider a backpack that has charging capabilities #rpgchat #gencon

Some might not know this, but this year, you can pick up your badge ALL NIGHT LONG on Wed. #GenCon #rpgchat

Take the opportunity if a designer is @ a booth & willing to run a quick demo of their game! Nobody knows that game better.#RPGchat #GenCon

finding games and gamers off the official grid:

#rpgchat I am hoping to get in after-hours pickup games…what’s the best way to do this? How friendly are people?

@mill5je GenCon is like home. It’s super easy. Hit up the #RPGchatand #GenCon hashtags. #RPGchat

I plan to hit Games on Demand as often as possible. This is my#GenCon of “Try new games”. #RPGchat

Twitter worked very well for locating friends/games last year#GenCon #rpgchat

Excellent! RT @e4_mafia: @ArcaneSpringbrd I will be running Leverage in the Games on Demand room at various times…drop by :)

Remember that you can use Generic Tickets for any event as long as there is room #GenCon #rpgchat

@d20Blonde One year I planned everything I did and I felt miserable after the weekend. I now just have wanderlust and walk around#rpgchat

Oh, hey, one #GenCon tip I should have done last year. Write your twitter name or other online identifier on your badge. #RPGchat

…and put a business card with your name in the back of the badge holder. Your badge will flip around all the time.

and the most important tip:

Above all: relax. Don’t get too stressed out about having fun that you don’t have fun!


the full archive is here.




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